Episode 18: Michael Graney-Mullholland

This episode Professor Ben, David and Daniel sit down with Michael Graney-Mullholland who shares with us the story she embarked upon in recognition of an important milestone in her life.  Michael, better known to her colleagues as MGM, celebrated her 70th birthday by challenging herself to hike 70 miles in 7 days along the California Central Coast.  Big milestones are nothing new to MGM, at 50 she went back to school and at 60 she celebrated by earning her doctorate degree. This time however, MGM's milestone was documented in a short film produced by Mr. Smith Studios for John F. Kennedy University.  We hope you enjoy this episode and our talk with MGM.

In addition to this new and exciting episode, The Satisfactionist Podcast is pleased to announce that we have a whole new crew and a whole new format for our show.  The Satisfactionist Podcast is pleased to welcome Mr. David Valentin and Daniel Corona as well as the rest of the crew of Mr. Smith Studios who will be adding their talent by filming our shows, contributing to show content, and helping co-produce this current and future episodes.  That in mind, I would like to thank David and Daniel for their help and contribution with this episode and those to come.