Episode 20: Mr. Smith Studios and Toastilla


You will often hear me say that it is very nice when you can bring strong people together to work off each other and help move business ahead. I am fortunate to be working with both Mr. Smith Studios and D.I. Works, inventor of Toastilla. Both of these companies have such amazing potential and are out hustling everyday to make their businesses grow. 

In this episode I sit down with cohost David Valentin and founders of D.I. Works Rudy and Kristin Gallego to talk about the launch of the new year and what plans we have in store. We discuss the challenges of being a business owner and what it means when you have it all on the line. 


Episode 19: We're Back!


I know I know, it's been much too long since we last got together but I am pleased to announce that The Satisfactionist Podcast is back! Back in August Satisfactionist officially became it's own thang. That's right, we threw off the corporate shackles and decided to go it alone with a focus on helping small and medium business succeed. As we launch into 2018 we are now going prime time offering listeners of the show much more regular content as we focus on delivering some of the best tools and insights we can to help entrepreneurs succeed. We are really looking forward to this year and are dedicated to documenting the rise of Satisfactionist sharing with you all of our struggles, headaches, challenges, and successes as we carve our own path. Thank you to everyone who has stuck it out with us as we look forward to your listenership and engagement. Please like us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Share us with someone you know could use this show as a boost for them and help us grow. Be a part of our community by becoming a Satisfactionista and help spread the word about Satisfactionism!


Episode 18: Michael Graney-Mullholland

This episode Professor Ben, David and Daniel sit down with Michael Graney-Mullholland who shares with us the story she embarked upon in recognition of an important milestone in her life.  Michael, better known to her colleagues as MGM, celebrated her 70th birthday by challenging herself to hike 70 miles in 7 days along the California Central Coast.  Big milestones are nothing new to MGM, at 50 she went back to school and at 60 she celebrated by earning her doctorate degree. This time however, MGM's milestone was documented in a short film produced by Mr. Smith Studios for John F. Kennedy University.  We hope you enjoy this episode and our talk with MGM.

In addition to this new and exciting episode, The Satisfactionist Podcast is pleased to announce that we have a whole new crew and a whole new format for our show.  The Satisfactionist Podcast is pleased to welcome Mr. David Valentin and Daniel Corona as well as the rest of the crew of Mr. Smith Studios who will be adding their talent by filming our shows, contributing to show content, and helping co-produce this current and future episodes.  That in mind, I would like to thank David and Daniel for their help and contribution with this episode and those to come. 

Episode 16: David Valentin

This week the Satisfactionist Podcast sits down with a veteran of the visual effects industry, David Valentin.  David has worked on films such as Star Wars Episode One, Jurassic Park, The Green Mile, and the re-release of E.T.  David shares with us his experience in the film industry as well as his experience in launching his new studio, Mr. Smith. 

Episode 15: Eric Wilder and Chuck Billy

This week The Satisfactionist Podcast does our first live event at the 4th Annual Native American Fry Bread Cook Off in Ukiah, California. While there we interview friend of the show Eric Wilder, who tells us about some of the amazing art he is working on as well as some of the work he is doing within the Native community. We are also joined by Chuck Billy, lead singer of Testament. Chuck is getting ready for the launch of their new album Brotherhood of the Snake and talks to us about their upcoming world tour and other entrepreneurial ventures he is working on.

Episode 14: Rudy Gallego

This week The Satisfactionist Podcast welcomes Rudy Gallego, entrepreneur, business leader, and inventor of Toastilla, a revolutionary new kitchen accessory.  Rudy talks with us about his fund raising campaign on Kickstarter, how he built his first million dollar business, and how he lost it all during the housing crash.  Today Rudy is reinventing himself and battling back after overcoming some amazing personal challenges and a bout of weight gain.  Rudy tells Professor Ben about the struggles he has had with depression as he continues to fight to rebuild his confidence as an entrepreneur and business leader.  

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Episode 13: Bronkar Lee

This week The Satisfactionist Podcast welcomes Keynote Speaker, Author, and Entertainer, Bronkar Lee. Bronkar shares with us his journey to success, his passion for performing, and his inspiration for doing what he loves. Currently Bronkar is working on his soon to be released book Bold Achievement Method, 6 simple steps for mastering any skill you want to learn. We hope you enjoy Bronkar as we look forward to having him back once his book releases in October.

Episode 12: Thomas Webb and Inger Eberhart

This week The Satisfactionist Podcasts interviews Marine veteran and entrepreneur Thomas Webb. Thomas shares with Professor Ben why he started his business, Webb International and his experience serving overseas as a United States Marine. Thomas talks about his passion for helping to provide opportunities for those in need, and his Indigogo campaign focused on raising $30,000 to expand Webb International and further cultivate opportunities for others. 

We are also joined this week by Inger Eberhart, a communications professional with a background in corporate, non-profit and government operations and experience in public speaking, social media, video production and public relations. Inger talks about her work as a Virtual Fellow in social media outreach for the U.S. Department of State, her long-term service as a lobbyist and board of advisors for The Dustin Inman Society, her experience as Commissioner and Treasurer of Georgia Civil War Commission, her role as Executive Assistant to District 3 Commissioner of Cobb County Georgia, as well as her entrepreneurial ventures in journalism as founder of thewindup.news.



Episode 11: Sam Doshi

This week the Satisfactionist Podcast welcome Samir Doshi, one of the founders of tech startup Moxi Apps, a San Francisco Bay Area company focused on creating new and exiting social networking applications that create the opportunity for users to use social networking to re-engage with people in the real world.  Sam talks to The Satisfactionist Podcast about why he and his business partner Nick Rodriguez started Moxi Apps and how they have used the support of their friends and family to launch their company.  A true entrepreneur at heart, Sam is not new to the start up game and talks about the first company he founded, how he built it up, and how that experience eventually led to him working with Nick to create Swish and the soon to be released Relayo, the applications that have helped to launch Moxi Apps.  We hope you enjoy this episode.  

If you would like to leave us a voice mail from your computer about this weeks episode, please visit The Satisfactionist Podcast homepage, scroll to the bottom, and click on the link.  We appreciate your feedback. 

Episode 10: Buzz Session with Issa Diao

For Professor Ben and Jim, music has always been something each of us have dabbled in an enjoyed.  This week The Satisfactionist Podcast welcomes Issa Diao, retired frontman of the straight edge punk band Good Clean Fun.  Professor Ben, Jim, and Issa get together to discuss their early experiences in the music world as well as how the industry has changed from its early days for amateur musicians.  We also talk about some of our favorite music gear from back in the day as well as catch up on some modern bands we like listening to today.  We hope you enjoy this trip in musical history as you get to learn a little more about the musical side of Professor Ben and Jim.  Special thanks to Issa for helping us with this Buzz Session, we hope you enjoy.  

Episode 9: Lisa Fey

This week The Satisfactionist Podcast sits down with Lisa Fey, public speaker, sales trainer, and business consultant.  With more than 30-years of experience, Lisa has held leadership roles in customer management, marketing, and capability building.  Having traveled extensively throughout the US and globally, Lisa has sharpened her sales and leadership skills through continual learning and development.

Following her departure from the consumer packaged goods world, Lisa started her own company called Atta Girl LLC.  Grounded in her work coaching others,  Lisa focuses on helping others discover their performance and find their ‘place’ to best use the talents they possess while increasing personal satisfaction. Lisa wants to share her learnings to enable others to progress on their journey and do more, better, faster. Lisa’s focus is to create positive change and growth.

While at Coca-Cola, Lisa helped to found the women’s linc – the first and largest employee affinity group at The Coca-Cola Company – and served on the Diversity Advisory Council.  She has served on the Board of The Executive Women of Goizueta at Emory University and currently serves on The Board of Visitors at UNC – Chapel Hill.

Episode 8: Buzz Sessions - Summer Movies

This week The Satisfactionist Podcasts introduces Buzz Sessions, our take on panel discussions where we bring in pundits to examine a topic. Satisfactionist Buzz Sessions may be serious, fun, or inspiring but it is our way to connect with former and or future guests around a topic of interest and gain insight into what they think. Our first Buzz Session focusses on some of the movies of released for the summer of 2016 from two guests that played a small role as extras in one of one of them, Star Trek Beyond. Warning, for our younger listeners or those with kids in the car, this episode is tagged for language.

Episode 5: Doug Kirkpatrick

This week The Satisfactionist Podcast talks about the success we have had since our launch, we talk about an upcoming live event and how the show will be giving back as we talk about our fundraising ambitions to assist the organizers of The Fry Brad Cook Off, an event sponsored by Northern Circle Indian Housing Authority.  We also welcome our special guest Doug Kirkpatrick, author of Beyond Empowerment: The Age of the Self-Managed Organization.  

Episode 4: The Brexit Club and Matthew A. Gilbert (part two)

In this episode of The Satisfactionist Podcast we talk about Brexit by the numbers.  We posit what the numbers mean and try to understand how the numbers contrast against what is being heard in the media.  We also continue our spectacular interview with Matthew A. Gilbert, Professor Extraordinaire from Dubai where he talks about teaching outside the US and his break role as an extra in the upcoming Star Trek movie.

Episode 3: Matthew Gilbert

This week we welcome back Jim to the show as we discuss time management techniques and do the longest ad spot and show plug ever.  We also travel halfway around the globe to interview Matthew Gilbert who is currently teaching in Dubai.  In this first of a two-part interview series we discuss Matthew's background and the work he has done with celebrities such as Andy Dick.  We also stumble upon an odd number of similarities between Matt and Professor Ben, yet we swear this is the first time they have met.

Episode 1: Our Premier Episode With Featured Guest Victor Antonio

Episode 1: The Satisfactionist Podcast premier episode with guest Victor Antonio. In this episode you will learn about the show's host Professor Ben and why he started The Satisfactionist Podcast. We will also interview Victor Antonio, an accomplished man of business, entreprenuerism and host of Spike TV's new hit show Life or Debt. Victor will talk about his upbringing, his motivation for success, and how he got into reality television.

Episode 0.3 Meet Jim Skaggs

In this pre-launch episode we meet Jim Skaggs, one of my co-hosts that will be joining me for as many shows as he can as we explore topics on business, education, music, and more.  Jim and I met years ago when I was a bank teller.  After moving away from the Bay Area Jim and I stayed in touch here and there but life, as it sometimes does, drew us into our work as we built what I like to call our credibility and credentials.  Jim's sound in this episode starts out a little soft but hang in there, we do address the issue a few minutes in, before we get to the good stuff. 

We hope you enjoy this episode of The Satisfactionist Podcast and encourage you to leave us a voicemail or send us your feedback via email.  As always you can also post your comments on our Facebook page or right here on our blog page.  Thank you again for your support as we plan on delivering some awesome content in the weeks ahead. 

Episode 0.2 Chop's Kitchen

As The Satisfactionist Podcast gears up for launch we are testing our studio setup doing sound checks and some test interviews in preparation for our main show launch in June 2016.  This episode features Carlos from Chop's Kitchen, a food blog where Carlos shares his love of cooking with unique, raw ingredients like homemade milled flour and duck eggs for cakes and pies.  He discusses not only why he uses these ingredients but also opens up and shares something about himself many of his readers were probably not aware of.  We hope you enjoy this test episode and pardon our sound and editing glitches as we work to make things better.  This interview was conducting over FaceTime using only an iPad so the audio can be a bit wonky at times but overall some good content.  Please share your thoughts with us as we love to hear from those who are listening.  You can also leave us a voicemail on our show homepage, which we may share on an upcoming episode.  Thanks for listening and we hope you return for more!