Teaching the virtues of Satisfactionism to improve well-being, team function, and business sustainability


Satisfactionist Consulting understands that entrepreneurs and small businesses sometimes operate with a limited understanding of cost management, service efficiency, sales, marketing, and or total quality management fundamentals. The results are often added operating cost, lower revenue, and lost profits. We help identify ways to lower costs, increase efficiency, and improve overall quality using tools based in behavioral science, project management, statistical process control, and industry analysis for improved profitability.

Training and Education

Satisfactionist U provides facilitation and training to help educate business leaders and organizational teams on ways in which to improve what we call The Four Core:

  • Trust
  • Communication
  • Processes
  • Routines.  

Satisfactionst has also created workshops specific to the Five Stages of Entrepreneurism, which helps entrepreneurs navigate through

  • The Idea Stage
  • Seeding the Business
  • Open for Business
  • Fully Operational
  • Shifting Gears


Satisfactionist Media is all about creating audio, video, and print media products to advance individual well-being. Currently Satisfactionist Media hosts The Satisfactionist Podcast, a weekly podcast hosted by Ben Olmos, Founder of Satisfactionist. Ben is also Host, Assistant Producer, and Editor of John F. Kennedy University's Soapbox Podcast. Each week these shows explore topics related to business, higher education, psychology, and entrepreneurism. 

The Satisfactionist Podcast

Soapbox Podcast