Satisfactionist was founded because we feel there is a better way to manage people, processes, and routines and it could be what is needed to transform an organization for the better.  We feel that this process works best when strong relationships founded on trust are built.


Satisfactionist was founded by Ben Olmos, a veteran of the consumer packaged goods industry. In the CPG industry Ben has managed sales and marketing programs for dozens of top companies in the United States in channels ranging from theme parks, movie theaters, sports stadiums, grocery stores, restaurants, airlines, cruise lines, convenience stores, hotels, and more. As an entrepreneur Ben has worked with small and medium sized organizations coaching business leaders to help them develop revenue generating opportunities to improve the sustainability of their organizations. 

Ben is also an adjunct professor of business having taught more than 100 undergraduate and graduate level business courses. Ben has taught courses in leadership, management, business operations, organizational behavior, project management, strategy, entrepreneurship, innovation, marketing, strategic planning, and business implementation. Ben has served as both faculty and academic leadership and is currently working to complete his Ph.D. in Business Administration with an emphasis on Industrial Organizational Behavior.