Teaching the virtues of Satisfactionism to improve well-being, team function, and business sustainability


Satisfactionist Consulting understands that entrepreneurs and small businesses sometimes operate with a limited understanding of cost management, service efficiency, sales, marketing, and or total quality management fundamentals. The results are often added operating cost, lower revenue, and lost profits. We help identify ways to lower costs, increase efficiency, and improve overall quality using tools based in behavioral science, project management, statistical process control, and industry analysis for improved profitability.

Training and Education

Satisfactionist U provides facilitation and training to help educate business leaders and organizational teams on ways in which to improve what we call The Four Core:

  • Trust
  • Communication
  • Processes
  • Routines.  

Satisfactionst has also created workshops specific to the Five Stages of Entrepreneurism, which helps entrepreneurs navigate through

  • The Idea Stage
  • Seeding the Business
  • Open for Business
  • Fully Operational
  • Shifting Gears


Satisfactionist Media is all about creating audio, video, and print media products to advance individual well-being. Currently Satisfactionist Media hosts The Satisfactionist Podcast, a weekly podcast hosted by Ben Olmos, Founder of Satisfactionist. Ben is also Host, Assistant Producer, and Editor of John F. Kennedy University's Soapbox Podcast. Each week these shows explore topics related to business, higher education, psychology, and entrepreneurism. 

The Satisfactionist Podcast

Soapbox Podcast


Public Speaking

Domino’s Franchise Board Meeting - October 2018

I was honored to be chosen to speak at the Domino's Franchise Board Meeting that took place in Napa, CA in October of 2018. My talk focused on the emerging generation of workers and leaders in the workplace as well as how we might address employee desires for meaning and purpose at work using the PERMA model and positive psychology at work.


Specialties Include

Business Development and Entrepreneurial  Mentoring

At Satisfactionist Consulting, we love working with entrepreneurs and growing organizations.  As a small to medium sized business owner, you don't have the time or money to make many poor decisions.  As you seek to grow and expand your business, let us help by providing coaching and feedback to help organize your business processes and routines, establish or enhance management routines for improved employee goals and objectives, or help develop programs for more effective sales and marketing operations.

Program and Project Implementation

Are you challenged with organizing your company resources to meet your clients expectations?  Are you struggling to achieve best in class service when it comes to your sales and marketing operations?  With more than 20 years of consumer packaged goods experience and a Black Belt in Six Sigma, we believe we can help evaluate your current concerns and work to develop processes and routines that will help to improve your effectiveness and enhance client satisfaction. 

Employee Well-Being and Team Function

Organizations benefit when focus is placed on employee well-being because it contributes to the reduction of absenteeism, improves job performance, and helps to establish a positive workplace culture. Organizations also benefit when job roles are designed for improved autonomy, purpose, and skill, which helps to increase motivation and improves knowledge sharing. Job design also contributes to the structure of teams, which in addition to culture, contributes to employee well-being and satisfaction. However, not all workers and organizations are the same. This is because in recent years technology and the rise of social media have created a shift in worker attitudes and perceptions about the work they are doing. As organizations continue to evolve, these concerns are only expected to grow. This is why Satisfactionist Consulting uses an array of tools and resources to help address organizational concerns by leveraging behavioral science, project management, statistical process control, and industry analysis backed by strong academic foundations so that you can tune up, re-engage, and build a pathway to success. 

Leadership Training and Personal Coaching

Which is better, happiness or satisfaction?  While happiness provides an immediate feeling of elation and joy, it is short lived and difficult to sustain.  Satisfactionist Consulting was started because we believe true, sustainable satisfaction is built upon a strong foundation of organization, prioritization, processes, and routines. From this foundation it becomes easier to focus on your goals and develop a plan for success. However, a plan is not enough. Leaders must also be able to execute their plan and meet deadlines as well as other life obligations.  It may seem tough to manage it all but we believe we can help cut through the clutter, prioritize what's important, and still leave room for enjoying the fruits of your labor.

 According to research, happiness and gratitude are positively spread. Work teams that focus on improving trust and positivity also improve revenue, efficiency, and client satisfaction. We believe by helping leaders develop the tools they need to develop good positive habits and routines, as well as focus on improving well-being and team function, progress can be made towards sustainable satisfaction making you and your team true Satisfactionist!


Satisfactionist U provides training and education for organizations seeking to build their knowledge around focused areas of study in business management and operations. Satisfactionist U has education modules that focus upon:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business operations
  • People management
  • Process improvement
  • Change management
  • Sales
  • Marketing

The educational materials developed by Satisfactionist U are proprietary but can be tailored to meet the needs of your organization. Satisfactionist U Educators use a relaxed and lighthearted approach that incorporates adult education techniques. Modules are designed to help educate and advance learning of key skills necessary to become proficient in a topic of study.

Course modules are designed to be delivered in either half or full day session by a Satisfactionist U Educator. Though modules can be delivered individually, they are also designed to be integrated into a series giving organization leaders the option of selecting multiple modules that can believed delivered over multiple days. Each module also includes an optional final assessment; which can be taken to earn a certificate of proficiency in an area of study by Satisfactionist U.

Satisfactionist was founded by Ben Olmos because he feels there is a better way to manage people, processes, and routines and it could be what is needed to transform an organization for the better.  This process works best when strong relationships founded on trust are built.



Ben Olmos is a veteran of the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry. With more than 20 years of experience managing sales and marketing operations projects for dozens of top national accounts in the United States, Ben is considered an expert in his field. Ben has worked in numerous customer channels ranging from grocery, restaurants, hotels, retail, big box stores, convenience stores, theme parks, movie theaters, sports stadiums, airlines, cruise lines, and more.

In addition to Ben's years of corporate experience, he also loves teaching and has worked for more than 10 years as both a Professor of Business Administration and Area Chair in higher education. Ben has taught more than 40 undergraduate and graduate level business courses in subjects focused on leadership, management, business operations, organizational behavior, project management, strategy, entrepreneurship, innovation, marketing, strategic planning, sales, and business implementation. Currently working to complete his Ph.D. in Business Administration with a focus on Organizational Psychology. 

As a consultant and entrepreneur, Ben leverages his years of expertise and executive leadership working with well known global brands to help small and medium sized organizations improve. Working one on one with organization owners and leaders, Ben works to examine the current state of a business, provides analysis for improved operations and or management, and helps facilitate change by working closely with business leaders to guide them through the stages of process improvement. The goal is to improve trust, communication, processes and routines so that businesses can operate more efficiently, with improved quality and financial control. 

Career Experience

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Project Experience

Below are just a sample of the more than 125 accounts for whom I have managed programs for throughout my career in consumer goods.

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